Sketchnotes combine notes, drawings and other elements to create appealing visual layouts of ideas. Sketchnotes help to make content more understandable, boost memory retention and help readers develop new ideas about the respective topic.


All sorts of content can become visually interesting with sketchnotes – particularly business materials and presentations. If you want to make your content engaging to your audience, let’s discuss how your ideas could be visually shown.


You want to learn more about sketchnotes? You think you can’t draw, therefore you will not be able to sketchnote? Yes, you can draw and yes you can sketchnote! In this sketchnotes workshop you will learn how to do quick and easy drawings using the 5 elements of drawing, how to do an icon library, which elements you need to build a sketchnote and which analog and digital materials you can use.


Are you interested in me giving a workshop for a group in your institution or company? Let me know!


In simple, imperfect drawings also lies significance and beauty. If you need simple illustrations and you like my style, drop me a word.